In preparation for flu season this year, the CC challenged web and app developers to come up with a clever app or online game to help raise awareness for flu prevention. You can view all the FLU app finalists here.

Their first place winner was an addictive game called FLU-ville. This is a great game to tell your students about, since it teaches as well as entertains. Once flu stats roll in, the level of difficulty will go up depending on the percentage of cases in each state.

PLAY FLU-Ville on facebook

PLAY FLU-Ville online

As I look around, about half of our friends are sniffling or coughing. Meanwhile, I’m planning on locking myself in my office armed with a can of disinfectant, a cup of tea and my computer…because I’m now addicted to FLU-ville!

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FLU-Ville is a game created in a contest for the CDC. To learn more about the flu app challenge go to