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Step by step map adventures

We've created two pages of fun activities that give your students a fun tour of the ArcGIS Online tools used in Esri's GeoInquiries™.

New Editions to Your Geospatial Favorites

20 minute GIS for Young Explorers, 2nd Edition; Reading, Writing and Thinking around the Globe, 2nd Edition; Tech Enabled Field Studies, 3rd Edition

Carte Diem Press - Map & GPS Activities

Check out our award winning geospatial curriculum designed and created by geospatial teachers for every discipline. Carte Diem Press is dedicated to helping you “map the day” no matter what you teach!


We strive to be a helpful resource for anyone working with geospatial technologies. We offer a variety of services, products (like our standards-aligned curriculum) and support to meet your needs.


A GeoInquiry is a 15-minute, pre-built activity designed by Esri Education that allows teachers to cover required content using a free, online, interactive map. The activities are standards-based and closely follow the map concepts taught in leading U.S. textbooks.


We’ve worked hard to provide valuable resources for educational environments of all ages.  We have collections of maps for our popular 20 Minute GIS book, English and Social Studies, Science and Agriculture and more.

Buttons & Stickers

We have a humorous side! Buttons, stickers, button jewelry plus other fun things are lurking in the shop.  Dozens of designs in every discipline. The perfect giveaways for your class, event or project or morale boosters for your team.


Stay in the know with updates on our events, conferences and more. Look through years of our archives for classroom ideas, free resources, mapping innovations, and more. Also includes activities, links – even map art projects!