This webinar was originally published at Directions Magazine in 2023 and sponsored by TRELIS.

Over the last decade, a groundswell of interest in professional networking and mentoring has resulted in several organized groups and projects for women in the geospatial sciences. Their audiences and tactics vary but at least one desired outcome is shared: to support this sector, both broadly and as individuals, as they pursue work that is both rewarding and satisfying.

Mentoring and coaching are examples of activities that contribute to this support but it can be challenging to sustain the organizational activities over time. After several years of efforts, how are these and other activities going? What have we learned over time that we can use to have these efforts not only survive but thrive? Are there missed opportunities to collaborate or coordinate that could be revisited?

Join us for a discussion on these topics as we hear from representatives of three groups that have made these goals a top priority.

Panel Speakers

Laxmi Ramasubramanian, TRELIS (Training and Retaining Leaders in STEM – Geospatial Sciences)

Eva Reid, Women in GIS

Jenna Leveille, NSGIC GeoWomen in Leadership Working Group


Diana Sinton, Co-PI of TRELIS, and Senior Research Fellow with UCGIS

Webinar Organizers:

  • Alia Roca Lezra, President, Women in GIS
  • Diana Sinton, Co-PI of TRELIS, and Senior Research Fellow with UCGIS
  • Eva Reid, Owner, Eva Reid Consulting; and Outreach Chair, Women in GIS
  • Jenna Leveille, Deputy State Cartographer, Arizona State Land Department
  • Samantha Dinning, Women in GIS
  • Shea Lemar