GISetc, an award winning Esri Education Business Partner, provides cutting-edge GIS PD, curriculum and support to K-12 and post-secondary schools, educators and students. We’re excited about the Esri ConnectEd initiative, the amazing potential of the GeoMentor community, and how geospatially enabled curriculum empowers learning and transforms education. Our goal is to advance education, improve quality of curricula, provide authentic research and learning projects, and to provide training and skill development in an atmosphere of discovery.

 2023 Esri Cornerstone Partner – 20 Years

 2023 GIS for Diversity Award at Partner Conference

 2007 Esri Business Partner of the Year


Esri Authorized K-12 Trainers


Roger Palmer

Roger Palmer

Director of Operations

Roger Palmer taught chemistry, physics, environmental and field science and is currently teaching and developing curriculum for the Texas Earth System Science course.  He has been involved with NASA initiatives using remote sensed imagery to teach math, science, and geography to K-12 students.  He holds an M.S. in Chemistry and conducts research projects in the use of GIS to model integrated approaches to environmental problems.

He has conducted GIS institutes for teachers and GIS/science camps for students in the USA and in the international arena for over ten years. He is the co-author of “Mapping Our World” and “Analyzing Our World” and the GPS activity book “Going Places with GPS.” He was a member of the development team for NCGE’s “Birdseye View” primary school curriculum and helped develop and teach the Eastern Michigan University GIS Masters Certificate program for educators. He is an active member of the geographic alliance in Texas and North Dakota.

Anita Palmer

Anita Palmer


Anita Palmer taught middle and high school technology and social studies.  She has authored and taught over one hundred technology institutes and classes for K-12 teachers focusing on integration of GIS technologies throughout the curriculum both in the USA and in the international arena over the past ten years.

Mrs. Palmer is co-author of the original “Mapping Our World: GIS Lessons for Educators”, the community-based” Community Geography: GIS in Action!” Teacher’s Guide, the newly released Our World “Mapping Our World” and “Analyzing Our World” as well as the first GPS activity book “Going Places with GPS.”  Mrs. Palmer was a member of the development team for the NASA funded “Birdseye View” primary school curriculum and was one of three developers and teachers of the Eastern Michigan University GIS Masters Certificate program for educators.  She is an active member of TAGE and GEM in Texas and a teacher consultant in the Geographic Alliance in Nevada and inducted into the GAIN Hall of Fame in 2004.

Barbaree Duke

Barbaree Duke

Project Manager

Barbaree Ash Duke is veteran classroom teacher and an educational consultant in Curriculum Integration and GIS in Education based in Foley, AL.  She taught English Language Arts in grades 6-12 as well as a technology and GIS electives. Barbaree earned her Bachelor’s degree in Secondary Education with a concentration in English at Baylor University and taught for 15 years in Texas, Alabama and North Carolina. She’s been integrating GIS into her the classroom since 2000.

Barbaree is the Editor-in-Chief and Executive Webinar Producer for Directions Magazine. She also served as the Webinar Manager for the National Council for Geographic Education from 2011-2015.  When she’s not travelling, blogging or creating, you’ll find her tutoring GED students or volunteering with Alpha Delta Pi.  She has many free resources on her website, www.barbareeduke.com. Her hands-on, realistic approach to education gives teachers and students a comfortable place to learn while offering fresh, practical ideas to improve the classroom environment.

Emily Adams

Emily Adams

Creative Consultant

Emily Adams is a freelance graphic & web designer, content creator and social media manager. Emily and her husband Matt also run a pinback button company, EmilyAdamsOnFire.  Her background is as an educator, marketer and designer in the corporate craft and hobby industry.

Roger and Anita met Emily and Matt at a local handmade artist show in their building in the spring of 2009. After a lively discussion about collaborating on possible promotional items, they agreed to meet for coffee a few weeks later. Emily showed up to their first meeting with over 30 GIS-related whimsical designs and has been working with GISetc ever since.

Ms. Adams is responsible for the GISetc branding, designs and creates all the swag for GISetc’s online swag shop as well as designing all the covers and artwork for Carte Diem Press books. To learn more about Emily’s work and for her contact information, visit her website EmilyAdamsOnFire.com.

NCGE Geographic Excellence in Media Award

2003 Anita Palmer, Christine Voigt , and Lyn Malone, Mapping Our World: GIS Lessons for Educators

2015  Chris Bunin and Christine Esposito – VA Geographic Alliance and Carte Diem Press Jamestown to Appomattox: Mapping US History with GIS 


for Supplemental Resources in Science, Health & the Environment

2016 Nancy Trautmann & James MaKinster Birds Without Borders: Investigating Populations, Habitats and Conservation of Birds in the US and Abroad
Cornell Lab of Ornithology and Hobart and William Smith Colleges



the non-profit side of GISetc

Geoporter is a program in which educators work hand-in-hand with a community, using geospatial technologies, to examine local resources and solve local issues. We introduce geospatial technologies, help community members (of all ages) learn why and how to use these, and help them organize projects to make the changes they desire. The model is straight-forward, the results rewarding, but the work — as everywhere — challenging. Now, more communities seek assistance. You can help us make a better world.
Geoporter launched in Bahia Ballena-Uvita, Costa Rica, a community of about 3000 people just north of the Osa Peninsula and home to Marino Ballena National Park. We have helped students and adults address trash in the community, track and report on migrating whales, initiate a tree planting program, and more.
Carte Diem Press

Carte Diem Press

the publishing side of GISetc

Carte Diem Press was founded in 2010 when we could no longer ignore the pleas to create original and practical geospatial curriculum and best practices guides.  We create geospatial curriculum for every discipline. Carte Diem Press is dedicated to helping you “map the day” no matter what you teach!