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Screen capture from Map Gallery at http://geoporter.net/gallery/

Geoporter has uploaded a map gallery, where you can explore the projects they are involved in. After you explore the maps, read more about their participatory whale monitoring program and their clean streets/clean water trash mapping movement.


As you know Geoporter has been active in Bahia Ballena for over a year now teaching community members to use GIS and GPS to investigate the whales in Marino Ballena National Park, map and take action against trash in the streets, and works with teachers in the local schools. To date we have received some funds from donors who are aware of the project that has supported us. However, we need additional support to make Geoporter sustainable and grow.

We have created a campaign on a website called Indiegogo that allows us to share our story and to raise funds. We have until December 28th to meet our goal of raising $16,505. The idea behind Indiegogo is that many people can give a little, and in the end make a big impact. One of the ways you can help support Geoporter is by sharing this with your colleague, friends, family, and other business and organizations you work with. People will choose whether or not they wish to donate but if they don’t know they can contribute to the project, they won’t have opportunity to do so.

I could explain more here, but why not go check out the Indiegogo page and video and share with others.

What is GEOPORTer & how is it connected to GISetc? GISetc is still the educational company you’ve grown to love. Over the past several years, we’ve taken groups of teachers to Costa Rica for field trainings. Through our travel and work with the people there, we became passionate about the community of Bahia Ballena and came up with a plan to help. We launched GEOPORTers, started a non profit 501c3 to run it and put our first GEOPORTer, Amy Work, in place to oversee the program there. We are still “us”, they are “separate”,  but we will always be involved with raising awareness for them and guiding the program to transform rural communities through the use of geospatial education.