We admire and support Bodhi Surf, a surfing school where you can expect to learn a lot more than how to stand up on a surfboard.  Our friends at Bodhi Surf wanted to pass along this information about a tremendous savings for any of our readers. They’re offering a one-time only “Friends of Bodhi” $100 discount offer to you and your social network, whether that be friends, family, coworkers, connections on Linked IN, facebook friends, etc.

This $100 discount is available for our retreat called “The Essentials: A Yoga & Surf Retreat” and can be applied to any of the dates during 2012:

February 18-24, 2012
March 3-9, 2012
April 21-27, 2012
July 14-20, 2012

This is their way of saying THANK YOU for your friendship and support of Bodhi Surf.

Bodhi Surf is more than just your typical surf school. They are a value driven small business dedicated to providing unique surfing and yoga experiences that increase environmental and self-awareness. They lead by example and show how a surf school can actively contribute to the well-being of it’s clients, community, and planet.

What is the discount?

A one-time $100 discount off the retreat price for their retreats called “The Essentials: A Yoga & Surf Retreat” to be applied during 2012.

How do I claim the discount?
It is simple.  Send them an email inquiring about the dates of the retreat you’d like to attend and let them know who sent you the “Friends of Bodhi Surf” discount email, or where you read it (like our blog or in our newsletter) and how you know them or do business with them.  Please provide full name of your contact point person.

Why is Bodhi Surf doing this?
They feel privileged to have wonderful friends and thought it would be kind to send them a discount that they could in turn then offer to their wonderful friends.  I guess you can say it’s a karma thing.  At the end of the day everyone needs a break; a break for vacation and a break on their budget.

How can I communicate this to my network?
Please feel free to send an email, facebook message, LinkedIN email, or other form of communication to people in your network that would be interested in the type of experience we are offering.

Here is an example email that can be used:
Hello [insert name here] – I am a friend of Bodhi Surf School located in Bahia Ballena-Uvita, Osa, Costa Rica.  Because I am a friend they have offered me the opportunity to take advantage of their one-time “Friends of Bodhi”  $100 discount which I can extend to you.  You can also extend the offer to your network of contacts if you want. I encourage you to check out Bodhi Surf School before doing so, just to make sure you support what they are doing.

We hope you can enjoy this discount or can pass it along to one of your friends or family who would like to use it!