A very useful app for following the upcoming elections has been developed by the group at Method for NBC. We actually discovered this app through a web developer and design site (Dexigner), and were impressed by the way they visually organized and presented data. It should be an easy to understand tool for your classroom, rich with resources. 

This app [NBC Politics iOS] brings users inside the 2012 election through a collection of interactive tools, games, videos, reports, and graphics from a powerful political reporting team at NBC News.

‘Every political news consumer – from the beltway insider to the average voter – will find something useful in this app,’ said Paige West, creative director at msnbc.com. ‘You now have a way to quickly catch up on the headlines of the day and share the best political reporting from NBC News. There’s also a fun opportunity to share your insights on how the next president wins the election. We’re excited to offer this powerful tool for the 2012 election and beyond.'”

The app includes, videos, battleground maps, a tip sheet, live election results, candidate profiles and social media feeds.

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