Mapping Our World & Analyzing Our World both contain comprehensive lessons on population that can help you explore the 7 billion phenomenon in your classroom.

Providing a complete resource for any teacher seeking a way to bring GIS technology into the middle- or high-school classroom, this educational package is a comprehensive collection of world geography lessons, lesson plans, exercises, and assessment tools. Exploring seven geographic themes, students are able to investigate each theme using real data to create maps with GIS software. This book provides teachers with everything they need to begin teaching a GIS course or incorporating GIS into a standard geography course.

The third volume in the Our World GIS Education series (Analyzing Our World) promotes inquiry-based learning in world geography and other disciplines through the use of geographic information systems. Readers will be able to conduct far-ranging geographic exploration with this book and supplemental materials including a resource CD and a 180-day trial DVD of ArcView 9.2 software.

SEVEN is a program in which we will  share, seven lesson plans or free resources over the seven months of this school year since we hit seven billion, relating to our recent global population surge.

We will be featuring great free resources to help you teach and plan lessons for your classroom. Look to us on the seventh of each month for a new installment in our SEVEN series.