We’re sharing a bonus SEVEN resource today!

The USGS Uses Landsat data to track trends in key resources. Expanding demand from a growing world population — now numbered at more than 7 billion — exerts unprecedented pressure on global resources, especially forests, water, and agriculture.

To support a world population expected to reach 8 billion as soon as 2025, decision makers need tools and information to monitor and protect these crucial resources. Remote-sensing satellites help scientists to observe our world beyond the power of human sight, to monitor changes, and to detect critical trends in the conditions of natural resources.

For more data and the full article from USGS click here.

SEVEN is a program in which we will  share, seven lesson plans or free resources over the seven months of this school year since we hit seven billion, relating to our recent global population surge.

We will be featuring great free resources to help you teach and plan lessons for your classroom. Look to us on the seventh of each month for a new installment in our SEVEN series.