Population is a complicated topic. Since the worldwide population topped 7 billion in 2011, National Geographic decided it was a topic they wanted to explore; but they wanted to do it in a way that gave their readers room to think. They spread out their coverage over a year, with articles that take deep dives into specific issues—demographics, food security, climate change, fertility trends, managing biodiversity – all that relate to global population on a special website dedicated to exploring the 7 million. Feel free to explore and share your thoughts on twitter at #7billion.

SEVEN is a program in which we will  share, seven lesson plans or free resources over the remaining seven months of this school year relating to our recent global population surge to seven billion.

Over the next seven months, we will be featuring a great free resource to help you teach and plan lessons for your classroom. Look to us on the seventh of each month for a new installment in our SEVEN series.