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Read about fascinating study tracking following news topics through twitter using geography. Click here to read the full article (excerpt below), download the figures in a pdf or search yourself through their twitter network.

4-4c news & social media map
“Electronic social media have become a pervasive channel for social interactions, and a basis of collective social response to information. The study of social media can reveal how individual actions combine to become the collective dynamics of society. Characterizing the groups that form spontaneously may reveal both how individuals self-identify and how they will act together. Here we map the social, political, and geographical properties of news-sharing communities on Twitter, a popular micro-blogging platform.

We track user-generated messages that contain links to New York Times online articles and we label users according to the topic of the links they share, their geographic location, and their self-descriptive keywords.”

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Original content and map published at http://necsi.edu/research/social/nyttwitter/ Cite as A. Herda?delen, W. Zuo, A.S. Gard-Murray, Y. Bar-Yam