Once a month we’re sharing MUST SEE MAPS…just because they’re cool and sometimes the really cool stuff doesn’t fit into one of our tidy theme weeks. We are super excited for this new video series! We read about it on VerySpatial’s site and knew we had to pass this preview along to our followers too!

“The folks who brought us the awesome web video series MinutePhysics have released the first episode of MinuteEarth. [We are] super excited about the potential for the series based on the great content they have put together previously for MinutePhysics, including some great geospatial relevant topics.”

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Quoted review originally posted at http://veryspatial.com/2013/03/check-out-minuteearth/ video hosted on youtube here http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=PRbVISZ3Gc4#at=50