Usually we feature one project a month that shows something fun to make from a map. This month we wanted to share a silly map creation – a map built with moustaches!

Facial hair connoisseurs will want to get a better grasp of the many countries and places that inhabit Earth with the Moustache World Map.

The Moustache World Map comes from indie shop thepixelprince and works just like a regular map of the world, except colors and labels are replaced by a wide variety of moustaches. Printed on satin paper, the world map comes in five different sizes to cater to the level of how much you want to immerse yourself in the world of facial hair. From the bold trucker style to the fu man chu, this map has you covered with all of the worldly moustaches around.

Check out the Moustache World Map to see which ‘stache your country and city resonates with most.