We decided to do our “Made from a Map” feature a day early, since we wanted to share a heart inspired map project in honor of Valentines Day!

We ran across this creative tutorial on apartment therapy, who originally saw it on Pinterest.

For those of us who love to travel, each new city or country has a way of changing us slightly, providing a new lens that alters the way we see the world. It’s even more true when you have lived in different places. You’re gaining new perspective while still cherishing the memories of homes past. This DIY map heart shadowbox is a visual reminder of where we’ve been and where we’d like to go again.

We hope you are inspired to create your own favorite places art and we wish you and yours a happy Valentine’s Day!

Map Heart Shadowbox:
• Road Atlas
• 8″x8″ shadowbox
• Straight pins or adhesive

Once you cut out the hearts you can either affix them to the background of the shadow box with straigt pins (if it has a fabric interior), or you can use a tape runner or glue stick to adhere them if the background is made of matte board.