A new NASA iPhone game from The Space Place! Learn about comets and the Rosetta mission while playing “Comet Quest”. It’s like the real Rosetta mission, but with you in control of the spacecraft.

The Rosetta spacecraft approaches Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko. Using its thrusters, Rosetta goes into orbit around the comet nucleus. Now you, the player, get to take over the spacecraft in its mission to learn about the mysterious comet. First, you must drop a lander on the nucleus. To land it in an optimum location, your timing must be excellent!

Then, you begin to observe and record interesting events as they occur: craters or cracks opening up in the comet’s surface, water or gas jets erupting, solid chunks of rock and ice flying off, the coma and tail growing brighter. It’s a very busy and exciting place! As solid chunks fly off, you must also avoid them by speeding up or slowing down the spacecraft. At certain times Earth comes into radio view and, when at the proper location in orbit, you must transmit the spacecraft’s data to Earth. Also, the lander transmits its data, which you must also capture and relay to Earth with your next transmission.

All these accomplishments earn you points. Accumulate as many points as possible during the fixed game period. Earn bonus points by taking a short, optional comet quiz at the end of a game. Beat your best score or compete with your friends!