6-5 mapHappy summer from GISetc! We’re slowing down our blogging over the summer months, but keep checking back for shared fun summer resources, maps & activities!

Jane Austen is a particular favorite of one of our team members, so invariably, the Austen Map Collection was destined to be a part of our summer reading inspiration for you. In other words…

“It is a truth universally acknowledged that a person in love with literature must be in want of an accompanying map.”

Austen always names the county in which a novel’s action is set and often mentions cities and landmarks, though her villages and estates are invented. A section of the Jane Austin Society of North America’s website reproduces maps of the novels from “Where’s Where in Jane Austen . . . and What Happens There”, by Patrick Wilson. The maps include both real and fictional places (and the book provides information about more than 400 locations in Austen’s fiction). Click here to explore the full collection of Austen maps!

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