I’m a long time subscriber to Wired and am addicted to their rich science and technology content. While perusing the Wired Science blog recently we discovered a collection of stunning optic photos and wanted to share them with you. Below are excerpts from the original article by Adam Mann.

“Sometimes you catch an odd glint of light, see a colorful rainbow or spot a hazy mirage in the distance. All these are optical effects, where a distortion of light produces some incredible image.

Optics is the branch of physics dealing with the behavior of light, how it interacts with matter and the way it reflects from and refracts through materials. For 14 years, the website Optics Picture of the Day has collected and featured stunning examples of these effects.”

Wired Science has done a beautiful job of curating their favorite pictures into a gallery, and examines the physics underlying the eye-catching effects captured on film.

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