4-10-13In honor of NSTA (the National Science Teacher’s Association Show) this month, we’re sharing a fun science link every day this week!  

We love LEGOS. We love space. There’s a GPS unit involved…This story is magical:

“Raul Oaida, 18-years-old, attached a LEGO shuttle, a video camera and a GPS tracker, to a huge helium balloon and sent them into space. Oaida says flight time was just about three hours and the shuttle reached an altitude of 115,000 feet before heading back to Earth. According to Oaida, designing the spacecraft wasn’t so hard (compared to the jet engine he designed and built before this) but getting a flight clearance was.”  

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originally posted at: http://www.sciencefriday.com/topics/space/video/03/15/2012/how-a-lego-shuttle-got-to-space.html by: Science Friday, NPR