To celebrate GIS Day, we want to highlight three things that make us happy:

map portal for earth science

Earth Systems Science Map Portal

1. We have launched a new section on our website – MAP PORTALS! Through these portals discover rich free resources of map data in earth sciences, agriculture, English and language arts as well as elementary resources that compliment our 20 Minute GIS lessons.


2 .We’ve also been working hard to populate a new section of our shop – the .99 cent store of digital download GIS lessons!!! We are so excited to bring you resources in this new, affordable format. So far we have 20 lessons uploaded, and we’re adding more all the time, so keep checking back! If you like our mini downloads, be sure to check out our full length books as well! All of our popular titles have been converted to digital content as well as being offered in print.

3. Last, but not least, we wanted to send a big THANK YOU to Charlie Fitzpatrick at Esri for all the hard work he is putting in on statewide licensing. Click on the link to explore the map to see how many licenses have been put in place!