20 minute GIS map of past presidential elections

20 Minute GIS Map on the iPad

Grab your favorite device and be mapping…fast!  If you need fast maps that relate to classroom content, have a look at our 20 Minute GIS map series!  You can access the maps from any device: your computer, iPhone, iPad or other internet-enabled devices.  Perhaps you’d like to explore Presidential elections, where your breakfast came from, or understand earthquakes with a little poetry, there’s a map for that!  Crank up your device’s internet browser and click to https://www.gisetc.com/20minGIS/index2.html.


If you like apps, then you can use the Esri ArcGIS app to access the maps also.  Search for “20 minute GIS.”  You and your students are mapping in a jiffy!  After they see the cool maps, they can create some of their own to enhance and analyze a great discussion you’re having in class.  If you like a virtual globe, those layers are available at ArcGIS.com also with the same search words.  Lots of free maps and data layers to get your students thinking with a map!


20 Minute GIS on iPad

20 Minute GIS for ArcGIS Online