African Exploration, Amazonian Rainforests and a River and Rocks Tour right on school grounds – Bishop Dunne will host our own GeoTech Safari!

On Monday, February 27, 2012, and Tuesday, February 28, 2012, the 6th grade class will explore The National Geographic Society’s Giant Traveling Map of Africa. National Geographic has worked to create maps of each continent and one of the Pacific Ocean in grand scale in order to have students explore the geography of each of these areas. We will discover rivers, deserts, rainforests, mountains, and volcanoes as our students “travel” the second most populated continent in the world. Students will hear about the wildlife and culture of the Amazon rainforest from professional guide and education expert, Cliver Riojas. For the past ten years, Cliver has guided research and education trips along the Peruvian Amazon. Students will follow these guided explorations by joining our own Mr. Palmer in exploring how our outdoor gardens and rock exhibits model the formation of this continent.