Dr. Paul Nagel holds a bachelor’s degree in history from the University of Minnesota, MA from the University of Guam, and Ph.D. in Geography Education from Texas State University – San Marcos. He has taught middle school social studies in Guam and Texas for six years.  In 2003, he accepted the role of co-coordinator for the Louisiana Geography Education Alliance and is an Associate Professor at Northwestern State University.

Paul does such outstanding work with geography students, his teaching style is delightful! Don’t miss the opportunity to learn from his experience. There’s still time to register for GeoTech 2012 – but it’s next week, so act fast!!!

Exploring the World with Children’s Literature
Dr. Paul Nagel – Northwestern University

Are you an elementary teacher looking for a way to teach your students about the world? This engaging workshop for elementary students emphasizes basic geographic knowledge. How are locations similar and different? How are cultures alike? This session will feature an exciting, hands-on, active lesson to teach geography through children’s literature.

Developing Analytical Skills in Geography
Dr. Paul Nagel – Northwestern University

This engaging workshop for elementary and middle school teachers utilizes basic geographic knowledge to challenge students. Utilizing critical thinking skills to enrich geography content knowledge, an emphasis will be placed on developing practical analytical skills, an essential skill for the 21st Century. Students will create their own geographic analogies, which is an example of performance assessment.

Riddle Me This: Texas Geography
Dr. Paul Nagel – Northwestern University

I am a region that produces cotton, grains, and host to many, many cattle. I stretch from ‘Cow Town’ to the Gulf Coast. What am I? Learn the answer in an interactive thought-provoking workshop for elementary and middle school teachers. Participants will learn how to challenge their students in geography through the use of riddles.