As part of GeoTech we would like to have students visit with some of the colleges that offer great programs in science and technology. Representatives from seven of these colleges will be available on Saturday, March 3, 2012: Texas A&M; University of Texas San Marcos; U.S. Naval Academy; Walden University; Brookhaven Community College of Dallas; Stephen F. Austin University; and University of Texas at Dallas have currently confirmed. Please join us for Kobie Boykin’s keynote lecture, Building it Tough Enough, on the challenges of creating the Mars Rover to operate remotely on another planet. There will be a break after the keynote speech when students can spend a little time with any of the college representatives. The Naval Academy will have a presentation about college preparation that students will find valuable as well. Each college representative is available to talk about the sciences, social studies, technology, and any other

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aspects of what these colleges have to offer for your interest areas.