Dr. Patrick Meier, a National Geographic Emerging Explorer. Dr. Meier uses Social Computing, Big Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in order to create Next Generation Humanitarian Technologies—empowering individuals to become independent, resilient, and self-sufficient.

Dr. Patrick Meier is a NatGeo Emerging Explorer who uses Social Computing, Big Data Analytics, A.I. & Machine Learning to create Next Generation Humanitarian Technologies.

GeoTech allows teachers to explore the most cutting edge technologies available in education today. Industry and classroom leaders will offer hands-on workshops on using the latest tools in education to enhance curriculum and stimulate the imagination. Join us as we explore these exciting new developments in instructional technology.

The conference consists of two days of extensive hands-on workshops on February 27 – March 1, 2014, on topics from geospatial technologies, social media, and much more! Saturday, March 1, offers innovative mini-workshops and presentations across a variety of grade levels, technologies, and curriculum strands. There will be two exhibit areas for vendors and universities that specialize in geospatial and educational technology programs.