Directions Magazine has been privileged to work with some of the most influential minds in the geospatial industry. Over the years, we have showcased their innovations with the hope of inspiring our readers to greater heights. Dr. Joseph Kerski joins us for our successful series of interviews, GeoInspirations. He is interviewing some of those men and women who have changed the face of our industry, shining a light on the importance of geography and geospatial technology. We hope that you’re inspired to make a difference with geography in your corner of the world.

This episode of GeoInspirations features Letisha and Garet Couch, founders of This, the National Tribal Geographic Information Support Center, is a non-profit organization with an objective to provide assistance to Native American tribal governments and Native American organizations regarding geographic information technology. Dr. Kerski shares, “I have known and have worked with Letisha and Garet for nearly 20 years and respect their longstanding dedication to helping both novice and experienced GIS users. Their work is helping people who are responsible for stewardship of lands, resources, and people’s health and well-being make wise decisions. Their story is visionary for those listening to the podcast—and for people to share with others.”  Learn more at Tribal GIS:


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