Editor’s note: Thank you for joining us for this edition of GeoInspirations. Today our distinguished columnist, Dr. Joseph Kerski, features Dr. Alex Philp, scientist, engineer, and educator.

 Directions Magazine has been privileged to work with some of the most influential minds in the geospatial industry. Over the years, we have showcased their innovations with the hope of inspiring our readers to greater heights. Dr. Joseph Kerski joins us for our successful series of interviews, GeoInspirations. He is interviewing some of those men and women who have changed the face of our industry, shining a light on the importance of geography and geospatial technology. We hope that you’re inspired to make a difference with geography in your corner of the world.

This episode of GeoInspirations features Dr. Alex Philp, Senior Principal Scientist, climate science and policy at the MITRE not-for-profit corporation. Learn about Alex’s work, his journey, and his vision for the future through this episode. Dr. Kerski shares, “I have known and admired Dr. Philp for over 25 years. I met him during the 1990s when he gathered university, K-12 educators, and students together to learn about and network around GIS in education—this project through the University of Montana was years ahead of its time. Alex founded Geographic Communication Systems (GCS) and for 13 years there was focused on geospatial analytics, mobility, and cloud infrastructure solutions. He went on to found Upstream Research and then Adelos Inc, and meanwhile worked at the University of Montana before arriving at MITRE in 2021. He has long been an innovator, a integrator, and bridge builder across disciplines, and across organizations including government agencies, nonprofit organizations, private industry, universities, and schools. His vision and effectiveness was aided by his multitude of degrees in history, philosophy, ecology, and geography. Alex has been a leader not only technological advances but also how those advances can and should shape education and society.  I believe that Alex’s advice is incredibly relevant for our times, and I encourage you to listen and share with others.”


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