Mapstagram screen shot

Since it’s summer, most of us are spending a little more time on social media. If you’re like us, a lot of that means we’re taking and sharing more photos online of our summer fun – whether it’s vacations, time spent relaxing or on home projects.

Here are some great resources for adding your photos to a map, and for browsing the pictures of others.

  • Mapstagram – A real-time application that displays geotagged instagram photos from certain cities across the country.
  • GramFeed – Another Instagram interface. This one is searchable by city and shows all the photos that are map tagged in that area.
  • Flickr Map – With over a million geotagged photos, Flickr Map can place photos on a global map. It’s a great way to explore the world.

Happy summer! We look forward to following your photos!

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