July 11-19, 2013
(this trip will be open for all K-12 educators. Family members are welcome)

July 11-19 2013: Join an exciting and enthusiastic group of educators and their families as they learn first-hand the wonders of active volcanism on the Big Island of Hawaii!
This seven-day field trip on the Big Island of Hawaii will introduce you to plate tectonics, hot spot volcanism and the geologic features and hazards associated with living on an active volcano. We will discuss volcanic edifices, eruption styles, magma evolution and see various types of lava flows, lava lakes, tree molds and lava trees, fault scarps, rifts, craters and calderas.

We will use our observations and new-found knowledge to discuss methods on how to effectively communicate geologic concepts with our peers, students, teachers and the general public.

This trip is designed for K-12 teachers but their families are very welcome. However, it will be a strenuous educational experience and all participants will be required to attend the activities every day. It is a great way for educators to share the experience with their family members. Children are welcome – but their care will be the complete responsibility of their parents/guardians.

Price : $1399 (not including flights to and from Hilo, HI) Price includes all land transport in Hawaii, breakfasts and most dinners, all park entrance fees, field notes. This trip is open to all K-12 educators.

For more information and to get on the email news list, email Gary Lewis at glewis@geosociety.org