Need some ready-to-use maps for teaching Huck Finn or Tom Sawyer?

Looking for ways to make history approachable and current?

Recently, we debuted our GeoInquiries page.  Some of you might be thinking, “Why make a page of stuff that’s in another place?!” We shared one idea about science a few weeks ago. Today, we’re bringing you some other perspectives on how you might use that one page look at the inquiries to enhance what you teach…quickly.

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Huck & Tom

Have students explore the connection between Mark Twain’s characters, LaSalle, Marquette and Jolliet’s journeys in the Grade 4 collection. Also use the Underground Railroad maps from the US History collection to analyze the connections to Huck, Tom and their friends.

People & Places

Use the US History Geoinquiries from the Civil War or Westward Expansion to compare to modern demographics in the geography collection.  Perhaps explore natural resources and regions as well from the Grade 4 collection.

Science & the Environment

Check out the AP Environmental Tropical Deforestation and AP Human Geography World Population and Agricultural Patterns maps. Why not create a new map with layers from all three so you can easily compare population settlement and agricultural patterns to where deforestation is most prevalent. Perhaps your students could predict where these factors might exacerbate deforestation next?