As January wanes, there is no waning of amazing resources becoming available. This week we have a trilogy of them for your use in your classrooms.

A beautifully created, and poignant, Story Map has been published, Climate Migrants. It is an exemplar of how to teach geography, history and current events using the Esri Story Map tool. Don’t miss this one!

While thinking about the story map, we ran into an article, “An Ice Shelf is Cracking in Antarctica, But Not For the Reason You Think, with scientific information from international glaciologists. This article in conjunction with the Water world activity in Mapping Our World, (Module 2 – Lesson 1) is tremendous content to help students begin to understand some of the elements of the climate story.

So this week we give you a Story Map, an article and an ArcGIS online activity, all free and ready to go when introducing climate to your students.

Have a great week!

The busy kids at GISetc