With funding from the MacArthur Foundation in collaboration with HASTAC, the WildLab piloted a program in NYC schools that engaged learners in real scientific data collection. Using iPhones, over 500 5th- through 12th-grade students collected thousands of GPS-tagged bird sightings in green spaces near their classrooms. These sightings were then sent to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology for use in scientific research.

Students enjoyed the WildLab program. They found the iPhone app helpful, easy, with fun, demonstrated content. They had increased interest in studying science and pursuing careers in science after the 5-session program.

Every teacher that participated said they would participate again if offered the opportunity. The program connected the students’ environment to the global climate issues we all face, through data.

Want to use the WildLab in your school? Go ahead, it’s free! The application, called “The WildLab Edu” is available in the iTunes app store. Learn more and see it here. (If you want an Android version, it’s coming.)


Bird Curriculum Outlines