1a teachercastIf you are an educator and are looking for the best ways to teach your students, look no further than TeacherCast.

Take a look at what you can get for free from TeacherCast:

The TeacherCast Podcast: A weekly podcast featuring teachers and administrators just like you who discuss their philosophies on teaching, and how they use technology in their classrooms.

App Spotlights: We bring on app developers who talk about their great educational apps that teachers are using in their classrooms today. We break down each app so you can make an informed decision about using it in your classroom.

App Reviews: If you are looking through the app store, not knowing what apps are good and what apps are bad, don’t sweat… let TeacherCast do the work for you. We will review each app and discuss the many ways the app can be used in your classroom. This section is great for teachers and administrators of all levels.

ScreenCasts/Videos: TeacherCast features 20+ screencasts and video channels that can make your teaching day run smoother.

Social Media Connections: We have included streams for our Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter accounts so you can be up to date with the latest happenings in education today.

Blogs: TeacherCast features 20 amazing blogs written by our staff, as well as other educational professionals to help you decide how to best educate your students.

LiveBinders: View/Create/Share more than 15,000 LiveBinders created by teachers and students across the planet. All right at your fingertips.

The TeacherCast Professional Learning Network: Join the TeacherCast PLN to connect with great educators around the world.

We live in a society addicted to technology. More smartphones are being used in the classroom and in our offices every day. To help you leverage the technology available to you, we explore, try and share links to apps that can help you and your students.

Every week we select a new app and share its description in our “Apps We Love” column. We do not endorse devices from any one company or receive any kind of compensation for these features. We just share links to apps that can help you teach, learn, work and grow.

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