5-3-13There’s a  “fifth week” of blogging this month. We know, it’s technically a week spanning over April and May. We’re seizing the opportunity to declare this a WEEK OF GEO-FUN!!! Every link this week will feature something fun and unexpected, relating to geography somehow. Check back every day!

What could be more fun than a zombie apocalypse app that incorporates real-world gps coordinates and data from foursquare? Take the zombie fight to YOUR streets!

from a review from Wired’s Gadget Labs: “Map of the Dead: Zombie Apocalypse Survival is a location-based app that has you battling zombies around town and stealing supplies from neighbors. Yeah, stealing from your neighbors. It’s a zombie-eat-brain world out there and sometimes you gotta steal from your friends to get ahead.

The game uses real-world location and Foursquare data to display businesses within a three to four block radius. The app determines a business’s potential as a supply cache (food, clothing and weapons) and how many zombies could hide inside. To keep you from running into the neighborhood coffee shop only to be mauled by a zombie horde, the app assigns a threat level of one (safest) to four (Walking Dead finale kind of danger) for each business.”


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Originally posted at: http://www.wired.com/gadgetlab/2013/03/zombie-fighting-fun/ by: Roberto Baldwin play online at: http://www.mapofthedead.com/ app available at: https://itunes.apple.com/app/id613176595?&referrer=click%3Dc4d69a37-b77d-4665-9ed5-d3a3ecad4487