E. O. Wilson’s Life on Earth is a new digital biology textbook for high school students now under development by the E. O. Wilson Biodiversity Foundation. This ipad app download includes a preview of the book and a sample chapter—“Introduction to Ecology” —that introduces students to how biologists think about the variety and patterns of life on Earth.

The Life on Earth author team consists of educators, multimedia artists, 3D animators trained in science and cinema, and textbook professionals, all led by renowned naturalist Edward O. Wilson. Our goal is to create a cultural landmark—a portal that will introduce students to the grandest story there is, the story of life on Earth, from molecules to ecosystems, from the origin of life to the present-day growing awareness that we control the environment we live in. Forty-one chapters in nine sections will provide a complete curriculum to give high school students a deep understanding of all of the central topics of introductory biology.

E. O. Wilson’s Life on Earth will bring students lessons from all around the world. They’re developing hundreds of carefully structured interactive engagements in collaboration with renowned scientists and creating video vignettes of them discussing their greatest discoveries.

Watch for their new chapters coming this spring! Additional chapters will be released each season until Life on Earth is complete and available to students everywhere.