Geology AZ is the Arizona version of the first GIS (geographical information system) for the iPhone. This initial release focuses on the geology of the Grand Canyon state, and related data.

Geology AZ is completely self-contained, which means that it is always available, even without any cellular or wireless coverage. It can be used in the field, in the middle of nowhere. It can of course take full advantage of the iPhone’s built-in GPS receiver.

Geology AZ contains a selection of geographical information in its internal database. It can display this information in 23 different layers. Each layer can be individually shown or hidden, moved up or down, and made more or less transparent. This allows an almost infinite number of possible displays.

Each feature of most layers has additional information which can be displayed by tapping the feature. This brings up a list of all the data in all the displayed layers at that point. The user can then select the desired layer and get all the available information.

Geology AZ,  can also generate high-resolution maps that you can download to your computer.