5-24-13It’s graduation season once again and we’re celebrating! So throw your cap in the air and enjoy a week of maps and data about commencement.

This week’s app can help you find some financial aid!

College FAFSA Finder provides the most essential information for US college applicants around the world:

(1) Freshmen class academic profiles and estimated cost of attendance;
(2) College contact information, including admission office information and website link; and
(3) Each college’s FAFSA code (public institution) or CSS code (private institution)

With the above information, you can search for colleges that meet your criteria, look up school-specific information on the web and use their FAFSA or CSS codes to apply for your desired colleges and student financial aid eligibility. You don’t need to spend more time looking up school codes. They have done that for you here! College FAFSA Finder delivers information at your finger tip for the college you want.

There are nearly 3,000 colleges and universities to choose from. They provide three  easy ways to search colleges: by name, by FAFSA code or by CSS code. Furthermore, you can refine your search by min/max SAT scores, ACT scores, GPA, cost of attendance, and/or the state where the college is located.

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