Have you ever wanted to capture a wider view in a photo? Do you sometimes wish you had a better camera on your iPhone or iPod Touch? With AutoStitch, you can:

– Combine multiple photos to produce wide-angle panoramas with no visible seams
– Create beautiful high-resolution images of up to 18 megapixels

AutoStitch is the only panorama app that can stitch camera images in any order or arrangement, including vertical, horizontal, or mixed arrangements. It achieves unmatched quality by using full resolution camera images rather than lower-resolution video input.

Use the camera in AutoStitch or any other camera app to snap overlapping photos taken from the same location. AutoStitch uses state-of-the-art technology that automatically recognizes and smoothly combines overlapping images, making panorama creation on the iPhone easy, fast and fun.

– A simple and intuitive interface. Just snap overlapping images in any order and touch “Stitch”
– Works with any arrangement of images
– Stitch any number from 2 to 40 or more images
– Crop the result with automatic or manual cropping
– Share your creations by email or upload to Facebook or Twitter