The Map Room is a blog that points to maps, map collections, map-related resources, and material about maps on the web. Anything that fits under that rubric, from medieval mappæ mundi to satellite imagery, and from topo maps to Tolkien, is fair game. We love the ART section of The Map Room and hope it inspires you and your students to look at maps in a new way!

Launched in March 2003, The Map Room is aimed at a broad audience. While cartographers and people in the geospatial industry seem to enjoy reading it, it’s meant to be accessible to anyone with nothing more than an interest in maps.

This rich map archive was compiled by Jonathan Crowe. He created this blog and collection in the spirit of self-education with NO background in the geospatial industry. Mr. Crowe’s training is in European history, but he works as an editor and writer, both online and in the public sector.