We at GISetc strive to provide interesting, compelling, fun, and useful geospatial content and resources for education as well as for the broader community. To do that, we have the help of one of our “angels behind the scenes” Emily Adams. Emily has her own design and button company called Emily Adams on Fire. In addition to that, Emily has become the GISetc design and branding guru and keeps us moving forward in this fast paced world of blogging, tweeting and more.

Today I became aware that Emily was highlighted as a survivor on the National Stroke Association website. I knew about Emily’s past medical journey and her having a stroke at a very young age, but I had never read the full story. When I finished, I did shed some tears BUT I was so inspired by her outlook and zest for life. We at GISetc want to highlight Emily Adams today and thank her for her vision over the past several years for GISetc but most importantly the example she sets for us as human beings. When we are having a tough time with finances, time management, health issues, we can look to your story as inspiration.

Thanks Emily and we look forward to many more years of collaborating with your artistic and humorous self! You definitely light the GISetc fire!