Escuela-Verde-Margarita-computer-2012-08-16-15.28.08-e1402095250870-300x235For those of you that follow us regularly, you know we are heavily involved with the Geoporter organization. Today we wanted to share a special story from their community…

Margarita Gamboa, a local teacher from Bahia Ballena, Costa Rica, will be traveling to the states to attend the T3G Institute, a GIS training event for educators. To help make this possible, several companies have stepped up to help sponsor her trip and training:

  • Esri will cover her lodging during the event
  • A Costa Rican company, Geotecnologias S.A., is covering Margarita’s airfare to L.A.
  • GISetc is covering her meals while in attendance
  • and Escuela Verde is covering the cost of a teacher to fill in for her classroom while she is away

To read the Margarita’s full story, click here.



To learn more about the Geoporter program and their work abroad, visit their site. Click here to get involved and donate to their good works.