We shared a week of resources about water last month, but missed an amazing one! Remember our post with this STUNNING infographic?

3-3e world water day infographic

We found it on visual.ly (one of our favorite sources to look for great content to share with our readers). What we missed was the data rich website that built this graphic and all the wonderful information they compiled! (Now that I look at it – it’s right there on the infographic… Bathshop321 – you can’t miss it. Well, I can – but there were so many pretty colors…)

So today, we want you to follow our link and take full advantage of the resources Bathshop321‘s put together.

Thank you Bathshop321 for all your hard work in building a resource that is as fun as it is informative! Extra kuddos to Kieron Hughes for taking the time to send us the link to their accompanying research so we could share it with our readers.

view the full size infographic created by Bathshop321: http://www.bathshop321.com/world-water-day/infographic.html