One of my favorite GIS-related tools is StoryMaps, and it felt like a good place to start with our Geospatial Community Blog here on LinkedIn. I started using GIS as a teaching tool in K-12 classrooms more than 20 years ago. Since their beginnings, Allen Carroll and his team have created easy ways to share maps, media and text that compel a story. As of October 2, 2019, there were 1 million StoryMaps created. 

The notion of “story” has a broad context when it comes to this tool. We have seen these used as environmental project stories, like those from the G.R.A.C.E. team interns. Other uses include museum tours or incorporating them into classroom presentations and projects.

In particular, our LinkedIn friends may be interested in using them to create or enhance a CV or resume. Our friend, Dr. Joseph Kerski, enumerates 5 reasons why using this tool makes sense.

  1. It shows your prospective employer that you know something about web GIS tools. 
  2. It helps you to “stand out in the crowd.” 
  3. It is an interesting and engaging way to tell your story. 
  4. It provides a method for you to share your interactive maps, services, and multimedia (videos, audio, photographs) in a way that traditional methods do not allow. 
  5. It is a great way of encouraging yourself to keep current in story maps tools.

Wondering how others do it? Try watching the Esri video series, StoryMaps Live. They have many examples and demos for you to hone your digital storytelling skills, even if the star of the story is…YOU.

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