Our first featured resource in our SEVEN program is the 7 billion actions program from UNESCO.

Our unique moment in human history represents both an achievement and a challenge, and impacts on every single person on the planet. A world of seven billion has implications for sustainability, urbanization, access to health services and youth empowerment. However, it also offers a rare call-to-action opportunity to renew global commitment for a healthy and sustainable world.

How does UNESCO uniquely contribute to succeeding the challenges of a 7 billion-large world? They invest in the capacities & dignity of each human individual, through programs in Education, Science, Culture, Communication & Information, and Social & Human Sciences. Explore their site and discover their work and a wealth of information.

Click here to visit their 7 billion actions channel on vimeo to watch their video collection (over 20 and counting!)

SEVEN is a program in which we will  share, seven lesson plans or free resources over the remaining seven months of this school year relating to our recent global population surge to seven billion.

Over the next seven months, we will be featuring a great free resource to help you teach and plan lessons for your classroom. Look to us on the seventh of each month for a new installment in our SEVEN series.