We endeavor to give you the best value; therefore, do our best to break even at the end of the year on our shipping costs.  Most Esri Press Books come from California via UPS while our Carte Diem Press Books and Gifts come from Dallas, Texas in USPS.






How do we calculate our shipping in your shopping cart?

First we have to give a shout out to all the math teachers that evangelize the great need for math in your everyday life.  We had to scratch our head and get out a pencil to come up with the most fair way to calculate these combinations. Thank you to Mrs. Carpenter who made me memorize my multiplication tables.  It was a handy skill for this exercise!

Carte Diem Press books are charged $3.99 per item and will come to you by USPS.  Most of the time we send these priority mail but large orders may come a little slower. So if you order three CDP books, your shipping will be $11.97.

Gifts (earrings, necklaces, keychains, bottle openers, wine charms, mirrors, individual buttons, rings) are figured a flat rate of 2.00 plus 25% of the price. If you purchase two pairs of button earrings at a total bill of $20, then your shipping bill is $2 +  $5 ($20 x 25%) = $7 shipping.

Buttons and Stickers in bulk are figured at a base rate of $3.99 plus $0.50 per pound. An order for 1000 stickers weighs 1.5 pounds so shipping will be $3.99 + $1.50 = $5.49 shipping.

Esri Press from CA are $9.50 plus $0.50 per pound.  If you need something large (a hunky 4 pound book) like Getting to Know ArcGIS Desktop for 10.0, then your shipping would be $9.50 + $2 ($0.50 x 4) = $11.50 shipping.

Esri Press from TX are $6.00 plus $0.50 per pound.  We have very few Esri Press Books in our TX warehouse but if it happens to be on that TX shelf, then you save a little in shipping.  The cart magically knows what books are in CA and which ones are in TX. A two pound book from TX will be $6 + $1 (2 x $0.50) = $8 shipping.

Esri Press from TXsp (odd sized books like Cartographica Extraordinaire, a large coffee table sized book.) are $8.00 plus $0.50 per pound. These books are in limited quantity and are oddly sized.  This size difference accounts for the additional $2 from our regular TX shipping price.

As with any shopping experience, we welcome your feedback and questions regarding your orders.