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Intro to Geospatial Videos


15 minutes
  • A GeoInquiry is a 15-minute, pre-built activity designed by Esri Education that allows teachers to cover required content using a free, online, interactive map. The activities are standards-based and closely follow the map concepts taught in leading U.S. textbooks.
ArcGIS Online
  • Esri’s GeoInquiries are meant to be a short introduction into pertinent content using the interactive ArcGIS Online maps and data while exciting students about the world around them. Consider using them in different experiential settings: one computer with projector class discussion or one-to-one activity for students.
  • They can be modified to reflect different instructional settings. If the teacher would rather tailor the GeoInquiry with different questions, download then edit the document in Microsoft Word 2013 or newer, to create custom student worksheets!
  • Because they are published under Creative Commons, they can be loaded to the school or district learning management system such as Edmodo, Blackboard, Portals, or Google Classroom. A flipped classroom setting is perfect for this type of experience. Assign students the GeoInquiry for investigating prior to a class discussion or further investigation.


Strategic Data

ArcGIS Online Maps Ready-to-Use

Historical Data


ArcGIS Online

National Geographic

Tile Map Kits – Download, print and assemble tile maps

Map Maker Interactive

  • Interactive map with layers
  • Can save map
  • Create bookmarks
  • Basic drawing
  • Latitude/longitude
  • Text, photos, videos




NCGE 2017 National Geographic Visualize Presentation by Roger and Anita Palmer

TCEA 2017 TECSIG Presentation by Anita Palmer


Templates and Samples

Water Quality

Video – Create a Survey123 Web survey

Video – Create a Data Table from Template

Video – Add data table to ArcGIS Online and Smart Map


Student Opportunities

Hurricane Maria Mapping Project: Students We Need Your Help

Texas Student Map Contest: 2017/2018