All about GeoInquiries

Special thanks to Esri Education for these wonderful resources!


15 minutes

A GeoInquiry is a 15-minute, pre-built activity designed by Esri Education that allows teachers to cover required content using a free, online, interactive map. The activities are standards-based and closely follow the map concepts taught in leading U.S. textbooks.

ArcGIS Online

Esri’s GeoInquiries are meant to be a short introduction into pertinent content using the interactive ArcGIS Online maps and data while exciting students about the world around them. Consider using them in different experiential settings: one computer with projector class discussion or one-to-one activity for students.


They can be modified to reflect different instructional settings. If the teacher would rather tailor the GeoInquiry with different questions, download then edit the document in Microsoft Word 2013 or newer, to create custom student worksheets!


Because they are published under Creative Commons, they can be loaded to the school or district learning management system such as Edmodo, Blackboard, Portals, or Google Classroom. A flipped classroom setting is perfect for this type of experience. Assign students the GeoInquiry for investigating prior to a class discussion or further investigation.

Student Worksheets

Summer 2019 – The Esri Team has begun creating Google doc versions of student worksheets.  You can track progress and download at 


Take an adventure around the ArcGIS Online tools also used in the Esri GeoInquiries collections. These activities are simple and ready to use with any aged student.

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Let’s go spelunking for cool maps and data!

Click the image above the topics’ list to see full list online. Click the topic name to get the activity.  Click Open on the activity page to view and download the PDF document. If you’re new to GeoInquiries, review the online guide, “Getting to Know GeoInquiries“. You can explore geoinquiries with Map Viewer Classic, the New Map Viewer, and MapMaker. 

Hacking GeoInquiries

Click the icon to learn how to edit GeoInquiries to suit your class needs.

Individual Map Layer Links by Collection

Click the icon to explore all the map layers available throughout the GeoInquires collection of activities.

GeoInquiries Gallery

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Esri StoryMaps Gallery let you explore authoritative maps with narrative text, images, and multimedia content. They make it easy to harness the power of maps and geography to tell your story.