GISetc, an award winning Esri Education Business Partner, provides cutting-edge GIS PD, curriculum and support to K-12 and post-secondary schools, educators and students. Our goal is to advance education, improve quality of curricula, provide authentic research and learning projects, and to provide training and skill development in an atmosphere of discovery.

Step by step map adventures

We've created two pages of fun activities that give your students a fun tour of the ArcGIS Online tools used in Esri's GeoInquiries™.

2023 GIS for Diversity Award

GISetc Receives Esri’s GIS for Diversity Award at 2023 Esri Partner Conference. This award was presented to GISetc for leveraging GIS in service to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging.

GISetc is honored to work with the 2892 Miles to Go Project and was moved by the project’s focus. Each of these miles symbolizes stories of the relationship between people and land that have been mistold, misrepresented, or omitted. Our heart is full, and we are thrilled to be available to provide a platform through Esri StoryMaps for these important storytellers. We are honored that we had the opportunity, tools, and framework for diverse cultures to tell their important stories.

2nd Editions to Your Geospatial Favorites

20 minute GIS for Young Explorers, 2nd Edition; Reading, Writing and Thinking around the Globe, 2nd Edition; Tech Enabled Field Studies, 3rd Edition