GIS for Teachers – A Guide to Authentic K-12 Integration and Application


This book is the first textbook for teaching teachers GIS integration.


From the author team of Chris Bunin, Christine Esposito, Barbaree Duke, and Anita Palmer, Carte Diem Press presents a text for pre-service teachers is designed to guide educators through a continuum of GIS resources and skill sets to best integrate GIS into a K-12 classroom.

Grounded in real experience, free resources, and the ArcGIS platform, GIS for Teachers: A Guide to Authentic K-12 Integration and Application gives a comprehensive view into all aspects of the classroom and how
GIS meets many needs and challenges facing educators today.

The book includes 10 chapters and access to a comprehensive resource center online, replete with ready-to-use handouts, rubrics, exercises, videos and more.

  • Chapter 1: What is GIS?
  • Chapter 2: Pedagogy and GIS
  • Chapter 3: Where to Start with GIS Integration
  • Chapter 4: Teaching with GIS – Considerations when making maps
  • Chapter 5: Creating your own data sets and data analysis
  • Chapter 6: The GIS Advantage – Analysis
  • Chapter 7: Project-Based Learning and GIS
  • Chapter 8: Differentiation Strategies and GIS
  • Chapter 9: Logistics for Integrating GIS
  • Chapter 10: Resources

GIS for Teachers: A Guide to Authentic K-12 Integration and Application | ISBN 978-0-9861782-2-1

230 pages | Copyright © 2017 by Carte Diem Press, a division of Critical Think Inc.

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