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Children Map the World – Anniversary Edition

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Children Map the World: Selections from the Barbara Petchenik Children’s World Map Competition presents seventy maps created by children ages 3 to 15 for the 2013 International Cartographic Association map design competition. These hand-drawn, sewn, or assembled maps convey powerful messages of optimism, anxiety, tolerance, and hope that reflect the competition’s most recent theme: “My Place in Today’s World.” This anniversary edition also showcases maps from past competitions held from 1993 through 2011. Children, parents, teachers, and map enthusiasts will delight in the work of these imaginative young cartographers. The children’s representations of the world and life on it demonstrate their varied perspectives on the state of the planet—from optimism to pessimism, grandeur to light-heartedness.

Editors Carla Cristina R. G. de Sena (Brazil), José Jesús Reyes Nuñez (Hungary), Necla Ulugtekin (Turkey), and Temenoujka Bandrova (Bulgaria), are university-level educators. Their collective expertise encompasses the fields of geography, cartography, map design, 3D cartographic modeling, map projections, and education as it relates to children and mapping.

ISBN: 9781589484221    2015   108 pages

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