Button Earrings


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Choose a “smart” accessory!  Get out in the world and explore wearing your favorite designs from our extensive button catalogue. Choose the pair that makes you happy and adds some pep to your step.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 3 × 1 in
Design Pairs

Algebra, Stop asking me to find your X. She’s not coming back./show your work, bling bling/gold digger, biology centerfold/I heart science, be the change/live simply, eat sleep map/map terrible waste, FE = IRON, MALE = MAN I am IRON MAN/We can do science, do all experiments/what happens in lab, Don’t make me get out my red pen/If you think education is expensive, try ignorance, geek inherit/think on, stay nerdy/if smart, geography/map geek, geologists rock/who’s your magma, geology dig/rock always wins, geology rock you/one schist two schist, geology school/peace love rocks, gis jane/without geography, got gis/I love big maps, great minds/peace love brains, keep calm/superpower, keep calm/not lost recalculating, keep calm/live love teach, stop me/because I’m a teacher, keep calm reboot/computer whisperer, light bulb tree/it’s easy being green, mad scientist/one lab accident away, Math teacher INFINITE wisdom/You do the math, not all who wander/still here, not lost geocaching/geocache explorer, oxidants happen/plays with fire, peace love recycle/tree hugger, peace love education/pretend lesson plan, peace love maps/no place like home, peace love math/no crying in math, peace love science/science nerd, plays with satellites/find yourself, queen of the lab/love science (pink), queen of the lab/love science (blue), queen of the lab/love science (black), queen of the lab/love science (green), queen of the lab/love science (red), read past bedtime/love with fictional character, reading is fun/I love books, research/I’ve got my eye, rock on/plays with rocks, save the planet/earth terrible waste, science is real/got proof, silently correcting/grammar police, Storm Chaser/Thunderbolts & Lightning *very, very frightening, speak freely/censorship, Superpower/ninja, teachers rule/inspire, teacher voice/drama for mama, teacher superpower/teach for outcome, Um – The Element of Confusion/Ah! – The Element of Surprise, what happens library/librarian search engine, you can’t scare me/beware teacher, you can go/geo girl


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